OUR SERVICES (in brief)

At the time of execution of powers under the SARFAESI Act requirement arises
for different private professional services at different stages such as:-

  1. Serving of Demand Notice which returns Unserved.
  2. Taking Possession, Inventory and Preservation and Protection, Safe-guarding of Secured Assets.
  3. Acting as Custodian of Assets.
  4. Publishing notices in Newspapers as per requirement.
  5. Valuation of such Secured Assets.
  6. Obtaining orders from Chief Metropolitan Magistrate / District Magistratefor peaceful possession of Secured Asset.
  7. Sale of Secured Assets taken in possession.

Similarly all end to end services as above are provided for enforcement
action under DRT Act

JVD Recovery Agency Ltd. offers specialists with experience and knowledge to undertake such type of work. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals from a variety of fields including legal, law enforcements, electronics, finance, intelligence and army personnel who have developed a number of specialist services geared to assist Banks and Financial Institutions at par at the time of executions of such powers conferred under the Act.

JVDRAL takes pride in development of efficient processes for all the above knowledge based specialized services over the last 2 decades of existence which enables the service provider to offer innovative resolution options suited to the tricky situations that may develop while enforcing precipitate action under the given legal framework.

JVDRAL also takes up the Recovery of NPA advances through OTS option and recovery option by mediation /reconciliation with the NPA borrower and the bank.

JVDRAL is developing processes for providing support services to Resolution Professionals under Insolvency Bankruptcy Code (IBC).

Our SERVICES (in detail)

Enforcement Agency

  • Drafting of 60 days Demand notice under SARFAESI Act.
    • Direct Service of Demand notice
    • Affixture of Demand notice
    • Publication of Demand notice
  • Identification & due diligence of charged Assets
  • Carrying out Pre-Possession Inspection & preparing viability report
  • Arranging to obtain District Magistrate / Chief Metropolitan Magistrate orders for forceful possession
  • Arranging Police Protection for taking Possession
  • Assistance for taking Possession
    • Symbolic Possession
    • Physical Possession
    • Forcible Possession
  • Preparation of Possession Notice
  • Drawing panchnama & preparing detailed inventory while taking possession
  • Publication of Possession Notice
  • Providing watch & ward staff for Possessed Assets
  • Valuation of Assets
  • Drafting, service & affixture of 30 days sale notice
  • Publication of Auction Notices
  • Arranging inspection of Assets to prospective purchasers
  • Conducting Auction of properties / other Assets
  • Mobilizing bidders for unsold assets
  • Sale through Private Treaty

Recovery Agency for Stressed Assets

  • Portfolio management of impaired assets
  • Call Centre Services
  • Conducting Recovery Camps
  • Follow up for NPA Recovery in suit filed / non-suit filed accounts
  • Execution of Decree

Custodial services for seized assets

  • Maintenance of Assets
  • Providing Security
  • Collection of Rentals
  • Management of Assets
  • Periodical reports of seized assets

Security Services

  • Providing necessary Watch-n-Ward personnel for seized properties / assets
  • Arranging Insurance for Assets
  • Providing necessary Watch-n-Ward personnel for unseized assets

Advertising Services

  • Publication of Notices in leading News Papers
  • Publication of Tender Notices
  • Other publicity, so as to create a market for property

Advisory services

  • Purchase of Stressed Asset
  • Resolution strategies of Stressed Assets
  • Management of Stressed Asset
  • Valuation
  • Marketing / Mobilizing bidders for Stressed Assets
  • Assignment of Debt

Other Ancillary Services

  • Warehousing Services
  • Due diligence services for pre-sanction & post-sanction of credit
  • Legal Services
  • Insurance of Assets
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